BSI Weekly Recap: The Oswalt Saga, Beckett & Lester and the Prospects.


Excitement is starting to build around the Red Sox as Spring Training lingers.  There still remains a lot of talk surrounding Roy Oswalt and whether or not he wants to play in Boston and this week was no different.  Outside of Oswalt, the Sox are still making news and we’ve got you covered on a quick roundup on the week that was here at BSI.  Of course the big launch of Fansided 3.0 also gave BSI a new and improved look with multiple outlets to fill your Red Sox needs.  From videos, to re-tweets, we’ve got you covered on all things BoSox.


Josh Beckett broke his silence and spoke on last season’s collapse.  His attitude appears to be heading in the right direction, or at least that’s what he wants us to believe.

– Earl discusses whether or not the Red Sox need Tim Wakefield back for one more season.


– we rounded up the latest on all Red Sox rumors, trade speculations and free agents.


the 2012 projections continued with Josh Beckett being the first pitcher to get analyzed.  The gurus say he’ll have a very similar year to last year, but some disagree.

– an in-depth analysis was done on the past 10 World Series champions.  What we discovered was that every one of those teams had at least one pitcher throw in over 200 innings during the season.  Something the Red Sox will need this year if they want to contend.


Earl did his regular book review on evaluating player’s defense and he makes a lot of compelling points.

Scott Atchison will get another shot to crack the Red Sox lineup after he cleared waivers this week.

Jon Lester was the next pitcher to go under the projections microscope. 


– Earl looks at the controversial topic of instant replay and the use of it in the postseason.


– with reports coming out that the Red Sox had not made any traction with Roy Oswalt, we look at whether or not the club needs his services. 

– our first look at the revamped bullpen has many pleasant surprises.


– after the Red Sox farm system is ranked dead last in the AL, Earl looks into it and argues that point.

– Youkilis is getting married to Tom Brady’s sister! No joke, it’s for real.

– the Red Sox get their very own private charter and the thing is pimped out.

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