Josh Beckett Has the Right Attitude Heading into Spring Training


It took longer than anyone wanted, but Josh Beckett spoke and cleared the air on the clubhouse scandal that rocked the Red Sox last season.  The timing was good considering it is before Spring Training, this way the club won’t have this cloud hanging over them when they report later this month.

Beckett was a guest on the MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” and spoke with former Red Sox, Kevin Millar about last September, the issues in the clubhouse and why the beer and chicken should have never gotten out. 

“If we would have pitched better, none of that stuff would have even been an issue. And it shouldn’t be an issue anyway because what goes on in the clubhouse should stay in the clubhouse. I don’t care who says that or whatever, I’m not saying we don’t make mistakes in the clubhouse … it’s just what goes on in the clubhouse, it’s supposed to stay in the clubhouse.” – Josh Beckett courtesy of Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe.

I have to say I agree whole heartedly with Beckett on everything he said. First of all, had Beckett or Lester had just one better outing the Sox would’ve made the postseason and none of the clubhouse antics would have been an issue.  He’s bang on there.  We choose to make a bigger deal of it because it happened and came out after the Sox collapsed by a historic fashion in only thirty days of playing time.

Second, Josh is right again when he said what went on in the clubhouse should have never gone outside those walls.  It’s a brotherhood in there, much like how reporters and beat writers are sworn to secrecy as to what they see in the clubhouse. Otherwise they’re never given the same “inside” treatment that they are privileged too.

Just like the good old saying “what happens in Veags, stays in Vegas.”

Beckett makes a valid point when he reminded us all that in 2004 the self proclaimed “idiots” were taking shots of Jack Daniels prior to the ALCS and World Series games.  Nothing was ever made of that because they won.  In fact we all laugh about it and say “how great is that” but only because they won.

Had this group of Red Sox won the Wild Card or even managed to win the division we would be calling them the self proclaimed “Colonel Rebels” or something like that.

Jacoby Ellsbury also spoke on last September, making this most of the returning players to discuss the matter publicly.  So now, we may finally be able to put his all behind us and focus on the new season that is just around the corner.  Beckett did the right thing by talking about it now and dragging it through the mud in Florida.  It happened, they’ve hopefully learnt from it, so let’s focus on the task at hand; winning in 2012.

With Beckett coming out and discussing the matter it also shows his commitment to the club.  He spoke of his visit with Bobby V and weeks back Valentine shed light on how determined and committed Beckett is for the upcoming season.  It’s safe to say that we’ll see a slimmer, more focused Beckett for the 2012 season.  Good news for Red Sox fans, not so good news for the rest of the American League.

We’ll look at Beckett’s 2012 projections tomorrow, but for now we can rest easy as it appears that the ‘old’ Josh Beckett is back. You know the one that has a belly full of fire and not chicken.

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