Red Sox Rumors: Giancarlo Stanton provides list of approved teams

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 20: Giancarlo Stanton
MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 20: Giancarlo Stanton /

Giancarlo Stanton remains a potential target for the Boston Red Sox. Are they among the teams the slugger would approve a trade to?

The biggest weakness of the Boston Red Sox would instantly be solved by adding Giancarlo Stanton to the lineup. It’s easy to see why they would be enamored by the reigning home run king’s powerful bat but trading for him won’t be easy.

Not only do the Red Sox need to provide the Miami Marlins with a suitable package of assets, they also have to convince Stanton to agree to a trade to Boston. The $295 million still owed to Stanton isn’t the only obstacle his contract creates. He also has the luxury of a no-trade clause that can squash any deal to a destination he has no interest in being sent to.

Are the Red Sox among Stanton’s acceptable destinations? We don’t know yet, but the Marlins do.

MLB Networks’ Jon Morosi reports that Stanton’s camp has provided the Marlins with a list of teams he would approve.

There is no mention of the Red Sox being on that list, with only the Los Angeles Dodgers standing out as a preferred destination. That’s no surprise, considering Stanton grew up in the area and the Dodgers would provide him with a World Series contender.

Morosi goes on to report that some teams believe the Dodgers are Stanton’s top choice and he would be reluctant to accept a deal elsewhere unless Los Angeles were to drop out of the hunt. The Dodgers have been in contact with Miami about Stanton but don’t seem to have made much progress.

It seems the Dodgers’ interest in Stanton is lukewarm compared to the San Francisco Giants or St. Louis Cardinals. It’s unclear where the Red Sox stand in this mix since Morosi makes no mention of them.

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Stanton would make a lot of sense for a Dodgers team that is all in to win a championship after falling short in a Game 7 loss to the Houston Astros in the World Series. They are one of the few teams capable of absorbing Stanton’s massive contract into their payroll, which seemingly has no limits.

The Dodgers lineup is loaded with talent yet ranked only sixth in the NL in runs scored and slumped badly in the second half. They also have an opening in the outfield with Curtis Granderson and Andre Ethier hitting free agency. Chris Taylor and Yasiel Puig are locked into starting roles but their outfield depth beyond that is shaky.

If the Dodgers decide to make Stanton a priority then it will be virtually impossible for the Red Sox to compete. Not only do they have a deeper farm system, but Stanton could use his no-trade clause to steer his way to LA regardless of which teams present Miami with the best offer.

If the Dodgers pivot in another direction then Boston becomes a strong suitor. Their status as a contender, geographical location, market size and state income tax give them an edge over teams like the Giants and Cardinals.

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Boston will also undoubtedly explore the free agent market. If they manage to land another home run hitter such as J.D. Martinez for potentially less money than Stanton is owed then they would be better off going in that direction and keeping their prospects.