Red Sox are ready to exceed luxury tax barrier this offseason

After staying under the luxury tax threshold last season, it looks like the Red Sox and their GM, Dave Dombrowksi will open up their wallet this offseason.

Get ready for the Boston Red Sox to throw financial restraint out the window.

On Monday, reporters asked both Dombrowski and Red Sox owner John Henry if the team planned to stay under the luxury tax barrier this offseason.  When Dombrowski was asked the question, he responded, “No, I do not.”

When Henry was asked the question, he kind of tried to avoid the question, but then answered, “Well, Dombrowski answered the question.  He said he could go over.”

“We need to score more runs,” added Dombrowski. “Some of that has to come internally. When you start looking at some of our guys, some of them didn’t have as good, I don’t think, of offensive years as they’re capable of having. So some of that increased production comes internally. But we do have probably the open spot of first base/DH, and so that’s a place we’ll try to create some offense there.”  

So, Dombrowski isn’t shying away about adding a bat to the first base or DH spot.  

Another factor that is going to decide which spot they need to fill is Hanley Ramirez.  Dombrowski said Monday that the team has received good news from Ramirez and his doctors. Ramirez’ doctors believe that he will be able to return to the first base position next year.  Dombrowski said that Ramirez’s progress allows some flexibility in their search this offseason.

Ramirez may end up being just the DH depending on who they get.  If they go get a guy like Eric Hosmer, there is no need for Ramirez at first base.  If the Red Sox don’t go and get a first baseman, Ramirez needs to be ready to play the position throughout the season.

Another player’s health is going to play into what position the front office needs to target this offseason.  That player is Dustin Pedroia, who had knee surgery just a few weeks ago and is expected to be out until at least May.  The Red Sox GM says that he expects Pedroia to be back by then and that the team should be able to deal with that problem internally.  

The Red Sox have a few players on their team who could help fill in for Pedroia during his absence. Brock Holt and Tzu-Wei Lin are both options for the position.  Deven Marrero could also play second.  Dombrowski said that Marco Hernandez could even possibly play there as well.  

It all just depends on how Pedroia’s rehab goes.  If Pedroia comes out and says that he will be out much longer than May, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Red Sox to try to get someone this offseason to fill the position.

It’s pretty obvious that the Red Sox will be pretty busy all offseason.  Dombrowksi seems like that he will try to go out and do what’s best for the team. No matter what happens with injuries and stuff, this offseason will be pretty fun for fans.