BSI Weekly Wrap-up: 10/12/11 – 17/12/11


Things are heating up surrounding the Red Sox and as a result, the staff here at BoSox Injection (BSI) have been as busy as Santa’s elves to ensure we cover all the breaking news and analysis on everything Red Sox related.  In case you missed anything over the past seven days, here is a recap of the week that was:


– the latest team member, Earl Nash, posts his first article which was a book review on Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran.  

– the Red Sox sign Doug Mathis and are looking at the Diamondback’s Joe Saunders.


– Carl Crawford hasn’t responded to new manager Bobby Valentine, despite numerous attempts to reach him and yet he meets with Dave Magadan is still confusing.  Not a good start Carl.


– We asked if Marco Scutaro should be traded and you responded.  55% of 256 voters feel that trading Scutaro would be a stupid move.

– Bill Smith ponders the question if the Red Sox are shopping in Filene’s Basement full of bargains.  Careful, if you can relate to Filene’s you may be showing your age…..just saying!

– Earl Nash asks you to be the umpire and make the call about a ball that his hit foul but ruled fair.  How would you have ruled?


– We now know that Daniel Bard will be prepped as a starter, but should Alfredo Aceves follow suit and fill out the rotation? Or his he more valuable in the bullpen?

– Kelly Shoppach is signed by the Red Sox and Bill Smith feels that this is the end for Jason Varitek.

– Earl Nash feels that the Red Sox organization may be picking their nose rather than stars at the MLB draft.

– This wonderful luxury tax threshold continues to limit the Red Sox spending this off season.  Well, if they want to win they have to say “Screw the Luxury Tax.”


– The Manny Ramirez conspiracy is born and Earl offers insight as to whether he will play again and with whom?

– With Varitek all but gone from the Red Sox, the question is asked, how will Josh Beckett respond without his personal catcher?

– Earl makes a plea to Oakland A’s GM, Billy Beane to consider trading Gio Gonzalez to the Red Sox.

– The Red Sox sign Nick Punto to a two-year deal and it’s explained here why the signing makes sense.


– Jed Lowrie is traded to Houston for Mark Melancon and Bill Smith explores whether it was a good deal for the Red Sox.

– In our current poll, we ask you the readers of BSI, should the Red Sox name a new captain for next season?

– Bill is shocked to learn that the Chicago Cubs, namely Theo Epstein is rumored to be interested in signing Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield.


– Yoenis Cespedes is expected to clear his paperwork hurdle with MLB and become a free agent in the coming weeks.  The Red Sox should make a big push for him as he would provide many options.

– Ryan looks at what options the Red Sox have via the free agent market to upgrade their starting rotation.

Hope this helps and have a great weekend.

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