TRADERS:               Red Sox               Oakland
CHIPS:                      prospects             Gio Gonzalez, LHP

THE RUMOR: “Danny Knobler, the Red Sox are one of the teams still in on Gio Gonzalez. The others are the Tigers, Rangers, and Blue Jays, though it’s not likely all of these teams have the players to make a Gonzalez deal work, as the A’s asking price is higher than Gio’s walk rates.”

Gonzalez led the AL in walks allowed in 2011; career 4.1 Ws per 9 innings.]
The 0.75 (or ¾) of a run difference between his home and road ERA.

"Q: What trade would you recommend?[opinions encouraged below]"

EARL’S DROP: Assuming the team will be moving to a new stadium in San Jose in about 3 years, Mr. Moneyball will be in the “star starting player for package of prospects” mode, a package likely to include a LHP, 1b, OF, 3b, SS. He will likely want to put the following players into the mix:

"LHP: Felix Doubront [#4*], Drake Britton [#7*]1b: Lars Anderson [#6*] (Cal. Kid with Olerud ceiling)OF: Ryan Kalish [MLB] ORBryce Brentz [#2*], (former P has enough arm to play RF)3b: Will Middlebrooks [#1*] OR Kolbrin Vitek [#10*]SS: Jose Iglesias [#5*]"

[NOTE: *rating slot on the Boston prospects list set by MLB, See:]

"GM Cherington should take these guys off the table:Ryan Kalish [may play platoon in RF with Reddick]Will Middlebrooks [planned to replace Yook at 3b]Felix Doubront [already MLB used]Jose Iglesias [Gold Glove SS in Sox future]THEN…Boston should offer:LHP: Drake Britton [#7*]1b: Lars Anderson [#6*]OF: Bryce Brentz [#2*]3b: Kolbrin Vitek [#10*]"


Beane fills holes at three positions and gets a LHP for the rotation and they will all be inexpensive and ready for Opening Day in the new stadium. Dumps LHP he can no longer afford.


Cherington landS a prospective ace or, at least, a #2/#3 pitcher for the rotation for several years. He trades players who will not help his team in 2012 (or even 2013-14); he keeps, Kalish, Doubront, Iglesias, and Middlebrooks, players who might be ready for the Pennant/Wild Card campaign this year. If Ryan Madson is not signed as the closer, it allows Valentine the flex to keep Bard and/or Aceves in the pen.

"You got a BETTER idea?  Bring it!"


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