Carl Crawford Speaks with Magadan, Still No Bobby V.


The Winter Meetings are in the rear view mirror. But one troubling story that came of it was when Bobby Valentine made it public knowledge that he has tried to reach out to every player and it was one Carl Crawford who wouldn’t return his calls.

Valentine was even prepared to make the trip to Josh Beckett‘s Texas home until Beckett told him not to make the trek “way down there.”  But at least they talked and by the sounds of it, they had a good chat.  Beckett needs any good publicity he can get right now as he’s not exactly every Red Sox fan favorite starting pitcher.

But for Crawford, it’s been a lack of communication and it’s one sided; his side.  Valentine has called Crawford what he declared numerous times and he even sent some text messages.  Crawford’s response?  Nothing.  Again, Crawford, like Beckett, needs some good publicity but this little shun of his new manager won’t have CC gaining many fans.

Now we find out that hitting coach Dave Magadan paid a visit to Crawford to try and get his head straight and regroup for next season.  While Bobby V still hasn’t had contact with Crawford, consider this a start, albeit a small one.

Crawford already has many skeptics ready to write him off as perhaps the biggest free-agent bust thanks to an atrocious season in 2011.  I say atrocious because compared to his standards or the numbers we saw in Tampa Bay, he failed to live up to any hype he created when he signed with the Red Sox.

Then we hear this little nugget of information to hold against Crawford.  Not exactly something that’s worth writing him off in terms of production, but he’s not doing a very good job trying to win over some fans who so badly want to boo him next April.  Yes, Bobby Valentine criticized Crawford’s batting stance last season when Bobby was a color commentator for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.  Get over it, that’s his job.  Was he a little harsh?  Perhaps, but hey, that’s Bobby.

We understand that Crawford’s first season in Boston was frustrating for him as well.  And when Bobby used his batting stance as a reason for his struggles, that likely stung Crawford a little more.  But he’s a professional and in case he doesn’t know this yet, Boston isn’t exactly a fairy tale city to play in.  If you sign a contract worth more than $140 million for seven years you better produce.  Otherwise, throwing dollar bills at you in a home game is considered a mild form of mockery.

Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald noted that Crawford is maybe a little embarrassed more than anything else due to his lack of production last year, or should I say almost no production.  And this is the reason for his lack of contact with your new boss?  Something I don’t personally buy.

Like him or not Mr. Crawford, Bobby is your new boss.  Do you have to like him? No, but you have to respect him and by not returning his calls or even his texts, well that’s a hefty act of disrespect.  So when he reaches out to you in November, a far cry from Spring Training, the least you can do is hear him out.  I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that there was an apology in his call for criticizing you, but now it’s you who needs to do the apologizing.

Mr. Crawford, you’re not doing yourself any favors here and you’re not winning over many fans either.  In fact, you’re digging yourself deeper within Red Sox Nation.  You better hope when you step up to the plate for the first time in April that you at least rip a double to the gap.  A strikeout, well, that could be catastrophic for you.

Magadan didn’t say if it was Valentine that asked him to go and speak with the former All-Star outfielder, with Magadan saying it was something he felt had to happen.  This sounds like a Bobby V setup and given the cold shoulder from Crawford, at least it’s a start with Crawford.

Maybe it will come out that Crawford was away when Bobby reached out to him.  But correct me if I’m wrong, cell phones seem to work just about anywhere these days.  And consider that Crawford is making over $14 million next season, I’m pretty sure he can afford a few roaming charges.

Forgive and forget are words to live by in Boston.  Many Red Sox fans are able to do so and we’d be willing to do so again with you.  But this isn’t the type of start I’d call smooth sailing.  Seems like another bump in the road.

Pick up the phone Carl and make a call to your new manager.  Who knows, you just might like this guy.

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