Top Red Sox prospects switch places on Baseball America's updated top 100 list

Atlanta Braves v Boston Red Sox
Atlanta Braves v Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

The Boston Red Sox's farm system has drastically improved in recent years and the organization has recently touted four prospects on Baseball America's top 100 list.

Marcelo Mayer, Roman Anthony, Kyle Teel and Ceddanne Rafaela each sat on the previous iteration of the list, in that order. Mayer and Anthony each clocked in the top 20, Mayer at No. 14 and Anthony at No. 21. Teel came in at No. 62 and Raffaela just cracked the list at No. 94.

Each of the four players remains on BA's newest edition of the top 100 rankings, but there's been a switch at the top. Anthony has overtaken Mayer as the top Red Sox prospect, coming in at No. 18 while Mayer occupies Anthony's previous spot at No. 21.

The change is based on what scouts saw from the two players in spring training and Anthony put on a show in his Grapefruit League outings with the big league club. In his three appearances with the Sox, Anthony posted two hits, two runs, two walks and three strikeouts, which worked out to a .333 batting average.

Roman Anthony has overtaken Marcelo Mayer as the Red Sox's top prospect, according to Baseball America

Mayer only appeared in the Red Sox's spring training lineup twice and he collected a double and a strikeout in four at-bats. Anthony was praised for his command at the plate and fans were generally less impressed by Mayer's offensive performance. However, the young shortstop made some smooth plays in the infield that warranted fanfare.

Mayer's development has been halted a few times during his tenure with the Red Sox organization due to injuries. His 2023 season ended early after he dealt with a shoulder injury and in 2022 he missed time due to wrist and back issues. The shortstop is fully healthy for the 2024 season, though, and he and Anthony will begin the year in Double-A with the Sea Dogs.

The Red Sox organization estimates that the two players could crack the big leagues this season or in the 2025 slate. Anthony is just 19 years old and Mayer is 21 — their timelines will depend on their development at the beginning of Portland's 2024 campaign, but the future of the Red Sox could be making it to the major leagues soon.

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