Former Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts' shoulder injury looks strikingly familiar

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The San Diego Padres will be without their second baseman long-term. Xander Bogaerts was diagnosed with a fractured shoulder and will be sidelined indefinitely.

His injury, and how he sustained it, will look familiar to Boston Red Sox fans. Bogaerts dove for a ball in the gap and landed with his arm fully extended, just as Trevor Story did on April 5 against the Angels. The injury and surgery that followed prematurely ended Story's season with the Red Sox for the third time.

Both players immediately grimaced in pain after their dives and many assumed, at first glance, that the two dislocated their shoulders. Bogaerts' MRI came back negative, but his x-rays showed a fracture.

Bogaerts may have gotten a bit luckier than Story. He isn't expected to need surgery, while the procedure Story underwent usually carries a six-month recovery time. The Padres have yet to announce an expected return date for the veteran infielder, but Bogaerts said he hopes to be out for just a month.

Former Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts' shoulder injury looks just like Trevor Story's

There's never a good time for an injury, but Bogaerts' came at a turning point for the infielder. He was batting .204/.259/.278 on May 11, but he had a six-game hit streak at the time of his dive. Bogaerts' campaign screeched to a halt just as he was heating up.

It's a similar story for Boston's shortstop. Story went through his first healthy offseason as a Red Sox to have his campaign axed after eight games. He was batting .226/.294/.323 at the time of his injury and he knocked three doubles and four RBI for the Sox. Not great, but he was providing leadership and getting some timely hits.

Bogaerts' replacement at second base will be Luis Arraez, and his defense doesn't hold a candle to Bogaerts' — the former Sox slugger has posted four outs above average this season, and Arráez has logged a frightening negative nine.

The Red Sox haven't had an injury in a while, and it was only a matter of time before the injury bug visited a former player. Hopefully, for San Diego's sake, Bogaerts recovers quickly. His recent offensive surge and defensive skills are key for possible Wild Card contending squad.

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