Alex Cora reveals Red Sox’ plans for wearing City Connect jerseys in 2024

In search of "structure," Boston's skipper mapped out a uniform schedule
Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox
Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox / Richard T Gagnon/GettyImages

The Boston Red Sox introduced their City Connect uniforms in 2021 and they have been a staple within the organization ever since.

Not only do fans love to rep Boston with the yellow and blue combo, but the players seemingly love to wear them. The Red Sox are an impressive 27-7 when wearing their City Connect uniforms.

The team certainly plays well when donning the city of Boston’s official colors, but they also know not to test their luck and over-use them. As a result, manager Alex Cora has developed a schedule for the club’s uniform choices ahead of the 2024 season. “We need structure with our uniforms,” he told the Name Redacted Podcast. “We cannot rely on yellow whenever we suck, you know?”

On the road, Cora said, the Red Sox will primarily wear gray while mixing in the blue uniforms on Friday.

During Friday home games, the Red Sox will wear their red uniforms. White uniforms will be worn at home from Sunday through Thursday.

Most important of all, Cora announced that the club will wear City Connect uniforms during Saturday home games.

The Red Sox open next year with a 10-game road trip on the West Coast, so the yellow and blue combo won’t make its season debut until April 13 versus Mike Trout and the Angels. In total, the team will wear them eight times in the first half of the season and six times in the second half.

Regardless of how you feel about the Red Sox’ chances in 2024, one thing is for certain: Saturdays just got a lot better. Seeing the team wear these beauties on a summer evening against the Yankees is something to get excited about.

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