5 draft prospects the Boston Red Sox should look to take at pick 14

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Red Sox 2023 draft possibility - Arjun Nimmala - INF - Strawberry Crest High School

Our first infielder of this list is Arjun Nimmala out of Strawberry Crest High School in Florida. Another young projection prospect at 17 years old, but one with high upside and a strong baseline to build off of. Arjun has committed to Florida State University for baseball, another premier college in terms of baseball history.

If you are looking for an all-around quality prospect who is good at everything and not yet great at any one point, Nimmala is just that. He has good at-bats with a strong bat and is able to hit for average typically. He also has slightly above-average speed, which projects well both for baserunning as well as fielding at shortstop. He most definitely has the arm to play shortstop, and the lateral quickness to do so as well.

He may be one of the more likely prospects to take up on his college commitment, as he is still so young and has time and need to develop in certain areas. The main point of emphasis should be his ability to read pitches better and really up his plate discipline, as there are times where he reads pitches very well, but also times where he misses them.

Obviously, the Red Sox already have their shortstop of the future hopefully in Marcelo Mayer, the number three prospect in baseball according to ESPN. But getting a young option who has the strong traits Nimmala has is positive, even if you have to move him to second base.