3 ways the Red Sox can defy the odds in 2024

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
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Red Sox will be among the top run producers in the American League

Hitting is never an issue Sox fans are particularly concerned with since Boston finds bats, but consistency is another topic. In 2023, the Red Sox were 11th in the AL in hitting but still produced 772 runs.

As we skip down the optimism path, avoiding unicorns and rainbows, we pick some significant muscle from Rafael Devers and Trevor Story. What would be a tasty addition is to sign Adam Duvall for a return. Duvall did just what was expected, and for just 92 games last year.

We're all in on Vaughn Grissom, a beast in Triple-A, but then again, so was Bobby Dalbec. It's nice to have a right-handed threat with Devers and fellow lefty Triston Casas (will he hit 35 homers?). Ah, we're thinking of Duvall again.

We have four mentions in the "expecting really big things" category. The first is Jarren Duran, who resurrected his career but is now mentioned in trade rumors. Second on our list is Masataka Yoshida, who is going to hit above .300 this season. Next is the bat that may help the Sox ignore Duvall and others -- Tyler O'Neill, who had a monster season in 2021 (34 home runs). Our hope of hopes is it will be repeated. Lastly is Wilyer Abreau, who impressed in a short stint.

Is the Red Sox farm system an illusion with disappointment etched into it? The system is stingy with producing pitching but not so with position players. Ceddanne Rafaela is unknown for 2024 with his defensive versatility, speed, and hitting ability. Can he put it all together like he did in Triple-A?

The offense will be more balanced and have the usual amount of versatility, and with Rafaela you have a potential wild card to smooth things over. Getting that additional power bat is key and Breslow will not let that slide.

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