3 reasons Red Sox trading Jarren Duran would be a terrible idea

There are many prospects being talked about in trade rumors right now, but one who should be untouchable is Jarren Duran.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees / Al Bello/GettyImages

Over the course of the off-season, we have heard the same story for multiple people. "The Red Sox are in on *insert name here*" or "the Red Sox are engaged in talks with *insert name here*".

At this point it's exhausting, and the only tangible things to get excited about so far were the signing of Lucas Giolito and the acquisition of Tyler O'Neill after trading Alex Verdugo. Also, the trade of Chris Sale in exchange for Vaughn Grissom has provided some form of life.

Now, while both moves, at least somewhat, address Boston's needs in the pitching and outfield help, they don't fully address everything that is needed. However, if they are to go after larger fish like Dylan Cease or any other frontline starter, the Red Sox may need to throw in a little bit more firepower should they jump more aggressively into the trade market.

Some of the names mentioned have ranged anywhere from Miguel Bleis and Nick Yorke, all the way up to Jarren Duran and Wilyer Abreu. But Duran should be fully off limits. Here's why.

Duran's speed is key for the Red Sox lineup

The first reason he needs to stay is because of his speed. While there are other players in the system that do have speed (i.e. Ceddanne Rafaela), Duran has proven to be an asset at the big-league level.

When Duran hits the ball on the ground, more often than not he's going to beat it out. Nothing is routine about a ground ball that he hits. Not to mention, when he hits it to the outfield, Duran is not afraid to take the extra base. While there's no official stat for it, there's no doubt in my mind he was at the top of the league when it came to hustle-doubles.

His ability to swipe bags is something that's definitely valuable, and that makes him a threat every single time he gets on base, which he proved he can do in his 102 games of action in 2023.

Jarren Duran is a bonafide leadoff hitter

Another reason to keep Duran around is the fact that he is a true leadoff hitter.

Yes, Boston was able to find a good leadoff hitter in Verdugo last year, but to have someone with a built in set of instincts (and a solid on-base clip) is an asset to any team. That's exactly who Duran is.

The Red Sox have been searching for a clear-cut leadoff hitter since Mookie Betts and finally found one in Duran. No sense in having to start the search all over again.

Pitchers are uneasy facing Jarren Duran

Whether that is because of his speed, ability to get on base, or the occasional first at-bat of the game home run, Duran is a pest in the batter's box and he can agitate starting pitchers. In fact, he hit five of his eight home runs in 2023 out of the leadoff spot.

However, the best stat to support any of this is Duran's slash line leading off a game: .412/.429/.677. Additionally, he had 23 total bases in 35 plate appearances. It's safe to say he's a guy you don't want to face coming out of the gate.

Duran is above-average at the plate, in the field and as a baserunner. He should be untouchable in trades moving forward, but what ownership and Chief Baseball Officer Craig Breslow wind up doing is anyone's guess.