3 Red Sox players the fans have already lost their patience with

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2) Red Sox fans have lost their patience with Corey Kluber

This was the big rotation addition? Really? After a decent season with the Rays which saw the two-time Cy Young Award winner post a 4.34 ERA in 31 starts, the Red Sox decided to sign 37-year-old Kluber to a one-year deal worth $10 million. At the time I didn't think the deal was so bad, but that take has not aged well. He has not turned back the clock.

Through his first eight starts, Kluber has an ERA of 6.41. The ERA is worse than Pivetta's, and he hasn't even reached the 40-inning plateau. To make matters worse, Kluber has a 6.63 FIP and a 5.93 xERA. His rough start is not a fluke.

After walking just 21 batters in 164 innings pitched last season, Kluber has handed out 15 free passes in 39.1 innings of work. He led the league with 1.2 BB/9 last season, and is now walking 3.4/9. Kluber is a guy who's been a control artist his entire career, and that's completely betrayed him.

Another way it's betrayed him is with the long ball. Kluber allowed 20 home runs last season and 1.1 HR/9. This season, he's already allowed 11 home runs, or 2.5 HR/9. To put it lightly, he's been dreadful.

Can he turn it around? Maybe. Should the Red Sox give him many more starts if they're actually serious about competing this season? Absolutely not.