3 Red Sox players the fans have already lost their patience with

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Patience isn't something Boston Red Sox fans are known for. Red Sox nation is quick to get on their own players, and let them know when they need to be better.

Some players Red Sox fans have more patience for than others. Chris Sale is healthy for the first time in a long time. Fans are more patient with him, and it's beginning to pay off with how he's pitched lately. Others aren't entitled to that same luxury, like Ryan Brasier who was finally DFA'd.

It's only mid-May, and the Red Sox are actually overperforming most optimistic fans' expectations. Still, fans always expect the most out of their players, and these three in particular need to be better than they have been. Fans are losing patience with them.

1) Red Sox fans have already lost their patience with Nick Pivetta

Alex Cora and Red Sox management have finally agreed, to an extent. Nick Pivetta is no longer in the Red Sox rotation. I would've DFA'd him, but seeing him bumped from the rotation is good enough for now.

After being a decent enough back-end arm for the last couple of seasons, Pivetta has gotten off to a dreadful start in 2023. The right-hander has a 6.30 ERA in eight starts and has allowed nine home runs already in 40 innings of work.

Pivetta allowed three or more runs in seven of his eight starts and only reached the six inning mark once. Virtually the entire Red Sox rotation has underwhelmed all season, but Pivetta is a guy who's had his chances and never really made the most of them.

The Sox score a lot which has helped, but Pivetta has been dreadful particularly in the first inning. He's allowed ten runs in the eight first innings he's completed, which puts Boston in an early hole, and it's always harder to win when your starter does this.

The move to the bullpen was overdue in my opinion. Let's see how he does in low-leverage long-relief work.