Red Sox: Chaim Bloom’s inactivity may spell doom as the lockout looms

WORCESTER - Boston Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom watches the sim game from the stands at Polar Park on Friday, April 30, 2021.Loc Polar 2
WORCESTER - Boston Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom watches the sim game from the stands at Polar Park on Friday, April 30, 2021.Loc Polar 2 /

The lockout may set the Red Sox back for 2022

We’re days away from a lockout as the owners and MLBPA are nowhere near reaching an agreement on a new CBA. Barring a miracle in the 11th hour we will see all baseball activity halted until the two sides can come to terms. Other teams have gone into overdrive to try and fill their needs before the stoppage occurs, but oddly enough, the Red Sox have been incredibly quiet.

While I wouldn’t normally stress about a lack of deals in the final days of November this is a very different situation. There’s a strong free-agent market this offseason and with both teams and players eager to get their futures secured, deals are coming a mile a minute. We’ve heard from Chaim Bloom during this period and unfortunately, it’s been plenty of the same from Boston’s CBO. Lots of interest, plenty of positivity, but no action.

Yes, the Red Sox inked Michael Wacha to a one-year/$7M deal which I guess is something, but it’s not enough to get Boston over the hump that stopped them in 2021. Their need for a second baseman, as well as at least one top-level starter, is still a priority but the names are coming off of the board in a hurry. Moments ago, it was reported that Marcus Semien had signed with the Texas Rangers, another possible signing gone.

Two of the biggest names still available that have been linked to the Red Sox are Javier Baez and Marcus Stroman. Both would be massive additions to this roster and would instantly take care of a few glaring issues in Boston’s lineup.

I’m fully expecting teams and players to continue making news until the deadline comes just before the calendar flips to December. This is going to be a problem for Chaim and the gang as once that lockout hits, their hands are tied until things open back up.

Again, I wasn’t expecting him to go out and bring in every top free agent but I was hoping with the added pressure of the stoppage he would show a little more aggressiveness, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet.

With just hours left on the clock, his hand may be forced to start getting a little crazy but that also isn’t Bloom’s personality. He was brought here to be the calm, cool, and collected guy that has seen Tampa become an AL giant.

The Red Sox have been the Interest Kings the last few seasons when it comes to free agency and the Trade Deadline, with mixed results at the end of the day. This is an entirely different animal though, he doesn’t have all winter to wine and dine the guys that he wants. Chaim needs to get pen to paper in the next 48 hours or risk not being able to get much done for who knows how long. That uncertainty to me would have me sweating bullets.

Boston came within two games of the World Series and very well could’ve punched their ticket to the Fall Classic if it weren’t for some late-game meltdowns and offensives cold spells. The team’s poor defense also reared its ugly head once again and that recipe brewed their downfall.

Adding a Javy Baez, or an Alex Wood, and bringing back Kyle Schwarber could help with all of those. I have always trusted in Chaim and he’s yet to let me down, let’s just hope he has some magic up his sleeve before time runs out.

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