Red Sox: Chaim Bloom needs to show more than just ‘interest’ this winter

The Red Sox need to act on their interests this offseason

We’re into that beautiful time of the year in which the rumor mill is churning overtime and the stove is hotter than ever. We’ve seen players turn down offers to test the waters while others have already secured their homes for the 2022 season. As far as the Red Sox are concerned, we’re already seeing a familiar narrative for the organization where they’re showing plenty of interest with not much action, and that needs to change.

Let me start by saying that I’m a massive fan of Chaim Bloom and I think he’s done a fantastic job so far in his Boston tenure. Some fans will hold the Mookie Betts trade against him but those folks need to simply open their eyes. That wasn’t his decision and he was saddled with that headache as his first objective in the organization. Ok, now that I’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to take a hard look at Bloom’s actions since joining the Red Sox.

Chaim is a damn Trade Deadline wizard as he’s made his bones with the club by fleecing other teams in that area. I’ll never doubt what he is doing in the trade market as he’s got plenty more successes than failures. Look no further than Hansel Robles, Austin Davis, and most importantly, Kyle Schwarber. All three were brought in at this past season’s Trade Deadline and all three were massive contributors to Boston’s success as the season wound down.

We’re just a few short weeks into the free agency window and the Red Sox have already shown ‘interest,’ in numerous players on the market. Boston has been linked in reports to Steven Matz, Noah Syndergaard, Justin Verlander, Carlos Correa, Chris Taylor, and Javy Baez among others. That’s a wild list of players and unfortunately, this isn’t new for the Fenway Faithful, we’ve gotten used to this kind of talk the last few years.

While the trade window has been good for Bloom he hasn’t quite stuck the landing during the free-agent side of the coin. Chaim needs to be aggressive this winter and go out and get the pieces that can push this squad over that hump and back into the Fall Classic. While I don’t want him to dole out Albatros-level contracts like his New York counterpart, I do want him to be aggressive with the bankroll a bit.

All I want for Christmas is for the Red Sox to go out and actually sign a player or two that they show this interest in and prove to the rest of the league that they’re serious about winning. While we saw more success than any of us expected in 2021 they still have gears missing from the machine to get the job done in 2022. Adding the key piece to the equation could bring another World Series title to Boston far sooner than any of us thought.

As I said above, I have full trust and belief that Chaim will get the job done. I was a bit hard on him for not spending as we’re used to with this franchise but he also had to fix a lot of the financial issues his predecessors left him. Now that those hurdles have been cleared I’m sure FSG will have no issues with him spending if necessary. Hell, these guys are trying to but the penguins, let the Sox get a good pitcher or two!

At the end of the day, the Red Sox need to go from being the Interest Kings to actually making moves to balance out the baseball world. In Chaim I trust, and I believe that he’ll use his keen eye for talent to find the right ingredients to make this recipe pop. Let’s start putting that interest to good use and bring another Commissioner’s Trophy home.