Red Sox clubhouse morale has improved under manager Alex Cora

The Boston Red Sox seem to be more connected with new manager Alex Cora this year more so than last year under Jon Farrell.

The atmosphere around the Boston Red Sox is a lot better than last season. The Red Sox seem to be more enjoyable to watch and more importantly, manager Alex Cora has the attention of his players.

Last year, John Farrell lost his clubhouse. Even with the media, Farrell was using more of a corporate tone to talk to the press after the games. Despite winning the American League East, they still would lose in the first round of the playoffs to the defending champion Houston Astros.

The Red Sox are on pace for a record-setting season and another division win. However, this year the eyes are on the prize of a World Series Championship.

When Cora was introduced as manager this past offseason, his goal was to bring a Championship to Boston. Cora spent all offseason reaching out to the players so by the time spring training came he would already have gotten the introductions out of the way. The way Cora presented himself to the team and the media was so different from Farrell. Cora brings a new young voice to the team and has built a connection with his players all season. He’s not afraid to tell it like it is to the media either or sit players out that need the rest or aren’t playing well.

The addition of J.D. Martinez, who has 40 home runs on the season, has brought that power bat they’ve been missing since David Ortiz. He also brings leadership to the clubhouse. Also, Mookie Betts is having a great year with 29 home runs and seems more comfortable at the plate than last season when Farrell was the manager. The Red Sox also have completely beaten the bad competition all season, and are competitive against the good competition.

I feel also that the Red Sox have the New York Yankees number this year more than they did last year. The Yankees have injuries and a manager that really isn’t fit for the job in Aaron Boone. The Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians are questionable as both teams are giving the Red Sox a run for their money. But the whole attitude around the team seems a lot more positive than last season.

There’s been no confrontation between players and broadcasters like with David Price and Dennis Eckersley on the team plane last season. The drama surrounding Price has been quiet lately, probably because it’s been so hot out when he takes the mound and not cold. Even with the bullpen struggles, Cora seems like he has his guys he’s trying out to bring in when the playoffs start in October.

Overall, with the playoffs right around the corner, expect to see a different vibe around the postseason. The morale of the team has been so much different from a year ago. From Cora’s connection to his players to the play on the field. The Red Sox seem to be having more fun too.

Also, expect to see Cora put out a lineup like he did during the final game of the Braves series in Atlanta. From this point forward, it’s all about getting ready for the postseason. not finishing out on a record-setting regular season.