Red Sox: Jason Varitek isn’t ready to be an MLB manager

BOSTON, MA - JULY 21: Former Boston Red Sox catcher and two-time World Series Champion, Jason Varitek
BOSTON, MA - JULY 21: Former Boston Red Sox catcher and two-time World Series Champion, Jason Varitek /

 The Boston Red Sox are officially looking for a new manager to replace John Farrell, but it’s not time to look to Jason Varitek for answers.

If you have been living under a rock the last few days, and have not heard the news, the Boston Red Sox have fired John Farrell. I was neither a fire Farrell guy, nor a Farrell defender, I was fairly lukewarm on the manager. But that does not matter anymore, he is gone.

The move had to happen for the long term betterment of the franchise. They needed a new voice in the organization. It did not take a genius to tell that the clubhouse was getting stale under the leadership of Farrell.

So while the Sox search for his replacement, there are a few guys that are not qualified to be Farrell’s successor.

In my opinion, Jason Varitek heads that list. Look, I get it, Varitek will forever live in Red Sox lore as one of the greatest captains of all time.

So can we just keep it that way?

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We have seen what has happened to all failing managers in Boston. The fans turn on every single failing manager the team has ever had. Why would we want to put one of our favorite players through that ringer if he is not successful?

But besides that, there are several glaring flaws in the argument to make Varitek the next manager. None is more glaring than his lack of experience.

As Dave Dombrowski said in his press conference, he prefers his next manager to have some kind of experience in the big leagues.

So why exactly would Dombrowski want Varitek to manage?

He has no experience as a manager. As a matter of fact, the only experience he has is being a special assistant to the front office. My argument for Red Sox fans to consider is this: Take away Jason Varitek’s playing time in Boston, and would he even be mentioned in the conversation?

My guess is probably not. So why should playing for Boston automatically qualify him for the job?

The infamous 2011 Red Sox is also another dark spot on Varitek’s resume. Everybody knows about the “Chicken ‘n Beer Clubhouse”, and Varitek was the captain of that team.

The blame is not all on Varitek, but as a captain, it was his job to step up. Varitek was a great leader, but this incident is a tough one to overlook.

Dombrowski is likely going to go after a guy who has experience for the manager role. But here is a situation that could please Red Sox fans: Why not allow Varitek to become the bench coach for the next manager?

This would allow Varitek to gain experience, and maybe sometime down the road, the fit would be perfect.

But now is not the time.

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The window could be closing fast on this incarnation of your Boston Red Sox. This is not the time to make a mistake in hiring a manager.

Get this right, Dave Dombrowski.