Red Sox pitcher Doug Fister accused by Yankees of using an earpiece

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 22: Starting pitcher Doug Fister
CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 22: Starting pitcher Doug Fister /

Adding to the report on the Red Sox use of Apple Watches, a new report reveals the Yankees filed more than one complaint against their rivals.

The feud between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees over sign stealing continues, with a report from CSNNE claiming the Yankees didn’t originally file just one complaint against Boston.

In the report, it says the Yankees, along with their Apple Watch complaint, brought to the attention of the commissioner’s office that they believed Doug Fister had been using an audio earpiece in the dugout during his start in the Bronx on September 1.

However, upon further inspection – and very clear broadcast screen grabs – Fister was simply wearing his mouth guard around his ear in between innings.

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It didn’t take Sherlock to solve this case, and it certainly wasn’t something that needed the attention of the commissioner’s office.

While an unconventional, and somewhat gross place to keep such a thing, the Yankees – in their attempt to bring forth more evidence against Boston – simply made themselves look childish for not taking the time to analyze what their own broadcast cameras were showing.

At this point, it seems like New York is really grasping at anything they can in an attempt to further punish the Red Sox for their sign stealing ever since a formal complaint was filed to the MLB on July 18. This incident takes their actions one step further and makes them look worse for it.

It’s one thing to file a legitimate complaint backed by concrete evidence, which they did and was handled swiftly and appropriately by all parties, but to continue their hunt by crying wolf really plays poorly on the Yankees part.

As this story continues, we’ll see whether this is the end of a silly and overblown story. Shortly the Red Sox will be disciplined for their Apple Watch actions and that will hopefully be the end of it on the sign stealing front.

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To close, who on earth would’ve thought Red Sox/Yankees would be brought back to life by a bunt, Apple Watches, and a mouth guard? Another chapter in this storied rivalry has been written, and it’s truly a strange one.