Red Sox caught stealing signs with Apple Watches

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 31: Mookie Betts
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 31: Mookie Betts /

New York has contested to the commissioner’s office that the Red Sox have been using Apple Watches to steal signs against them, along with other teams.

Just your casual Tuesday late-afternoon bombshell, right? The NY Times has reported today that the Boston Red Sox are under investigation for using Apple Watches of all things to steal signs from them as well as other teams throughout the league.

While stealing signs is nothing new to baseball – the concept has been around nearly as long as the game itself – the fact that Boston has used technology in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage  is what caused eyebrows to be raised.

In short, the NY Times article claims that the Red Sox have been using their video replay crew to send updates and information to Sox training staff members in the dugout mid-game, and in turn the training staff would relay these messages, of which they viewed on their watches, to the players in the field.

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Of all teams to complain to the commissioners office about the Red Sox, it just had to be the Yankees. While Brian Cashman and New York’s front office were the ones to file their complaint, the Red Sox naturally raised them one in gamesmanship by filing a complaint  of their own against the Bronx bombers for using a YES network broadcast camera in an attempt to commit the same crime they’ve accused Boston of.

Both Dave Dombrowski and Commissioner Rob Manfred have already spoken to the media on the matter, and while the story blew up from the moment it was published, it seems as if everything but the Red Sox discipline has been resolved.

In comments by both men, the Red Sox have reportedly been completely cooperative with the Commissioner’s office and have already admitted to using their watches in an effort to gain an advantage. While Manfred has said no wins will be vacated from the Red Sox record (a discipline that would be far too great while also a ridiculous idea), expect a heavy fine along with perhaps the loss of draft picks coming Boston’s way.

While Red Sox fans and Yankees fans will now begin what I’m sure will be respectful and level-headed debates regarding this incident, if anyone in this situation is to blame it is John Farrell.

Both Dombrowski and Farrell have come out today and claimed they knew nothing about the watches usage in the dugout during games. For Farrell this is a very, very bad look. It is one thing to attempt to steal signs, practically all baseball teams try this in various ways, but by not knowing that your own training staff and players had an elaborate way of doing so exhibits a clear lack of control over his own clubhouse and lack of knowledge in regards to how the team is handling its business in-game.

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For now we’ll wait and see what Manfred decides to charge Boston with. Until then, perhaps news on the complaint the Red Sox filed against their rivals will be leaked as well. As this story unfolds, its’ very clear fresh bad-blood is brewing between these teams. With #BuntGate during their last meeting taking place and now this, it seems the rivalry has finally been renewed.