Boston Red Sox trade target: Paul Goldschmidt


Paul Goldschmidt has that one tempting feature that attracts Red Sox fans – a power right handed bat.

In 2013 Goldschmidt had a breakout year finishing second on the NL MVP ballot while slashing .302/.401/.551 and leading the NL in both home runs (36) and RBI (125). Goldschmidt also won a Gold Glove to cap off a stellar season on both offense and defense. Goldschmidt is signed through 2019 with 2019 being a team option for 14.5M. Certainly a team friendly contract if the numbers return to 2013 standards.

In 2014 Goldschmidt missed time and saw his numbers erode thanks to missing most of the second half with a broken hand. Prior to that the 27 year-old Goldschmidt was in line to repeat 2013.

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The Arizona Diamondbacks are in rebuild mode – again. A new GM, Dave Stewart, has now been given the opportunity at reviving the last place DB’s and help perk up a team that barely drew 2M fans. The needs of Arizona are many with a team that finished 11th in runs scored and was 14th in pitching.

What would it take to get Goldschmidt?

A young team needs leadership and what better at that than Dustin Pedroia. Pedroia has roots in Arizona and would certainly be a welcomed addition to a team that needs a stabilizing force. The Red Sox also have an apparent replacement, Mookie Betts, in the wings. The possibility is the Arizonans would rather have Betts. Pedroia or Betts simply would not get it done in a game that now has power bats at a premium.

Miguel Montero has been a capable catcher for Arizona and is in his prime years. Montero is also signed for the next three years so the assumption is Red Sox number one prospect, Blake Swihart, would not be tempting enough, unless, of course, rumors are true and Montero is moved. The other question is if the Red Sox would even consider Swihart.

Stewart was a former pitcher and an excellent one. A competitive and combative type who values pitching. Would Henry Owens be enough for Stewart to make a move? Or Brian Johnson? Deals are often expanded based on needs, salary considerations and projected player development. The Red Sox have somewhat of a log jam in the outfield and that certainly could be addressed in any trade scenarios.

Goldschmidt would provide that tantalizing power bat and the emotional cost to Red Sox fans with the potential loss of Pedroia or Betts may put a damper on any dealings.