Boston Red Sox trade target: Brett Gardner


Noo Yawkers and Bahstonians infringe on each other’s territory.

Cape Cod in the summertime is littered with New York license plates. The one percenters go to The Hamptons, but the rest head to Cape Cod.

In September, college move-in means Boston has an influx of New Yorkers to attend our prestigious universities.

Bostonians routinely travel to NYC, as I do, to attend Broadway shows, enjoy fine dining (love those push-carts) and discover new places with each visit.

In baseball that symbiotic relationship does not exist.

Nixon, an ardent anti-Communist, opened up relations with China, so, just maybe, Cherington and Cashman can have a baseball détente? Stranger things have happened.

Welcome to Boston, Brett Gardner!

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When the Yankees went to the free agent meat market and acquired Jacoby Ellsbury it appeared as a duplication of services Vis – a – Vis Brett Gardner. The rumor mill was rife with “where would the talented Gardner land?” That Brandon Phillips for Gardner deal in December of 2013? Eventually that ended.

My personal feeling was that Ellsbury and Gardner would spent the 2014 season in a head-to-head battle for the league stolen bases and triples crowns.

Gardner has long been a personal favorite and is just what Boston needs at the top of the order.

Gardner has a lifetime .352 OBP, which exceeds (slightly), Ellsbury’s .350. Like Ellsbury, Gardner has a questionable arm, but like Ellsbury, can quickly close on a ball in the gaps or in front of him. Gardner is also a .270 career hitter with limited power. Again, very similar to Ellsbury, sans that 32 home run aberration of a few years ago.

Gardner, now 30 years-old, is under contract until 2019 (2019 team option) for a total of 60M. Certainly affordable for Boston.

New York appears totally committed to Gardner, so to pry him loose would be a challenge. After all, their current roster looks like an AARP meeting, especially the outfield, and for Boston? Hello, feel no pain, Mookie Betts is on the way for that lead-off slot. A long shot trade, but hey, Harvey Kuenn, batting champion, for Rocky Colavito, home run champion once happened.

What would it take?

New York has had some real set-backs with the very promising Ivan Nova and the even more promising Michael Pineda shelved. CC Sabathia, an excellent FA signing, is wearing out. Nippon baseball is running short on MLB-ready talent. Worst yet, Jon Lester may resign with Boston.

The best article Boston has to offer is pitching. Young pitching. Start with Rubby De La Rosa, a world of promise and a power arm. De La Rosa has the arm and potential and is showing it.

The Red Sox have a high end prospect in Deven Marrero, a slick fielding shortstop who was once considered a potential number one overall draft pick, hovering around .300 in the Eastern League this season. With the addition of a Marrero, the Yankees may have to toss in a lower level prospect of their own.

Such a package could offer both teams the ability to patch up spots that are certainly of concern.

As with any deal that may be the start-off point. History shows that many deals are expanded upon, other parties brought in and the players mentioned rejection for a myriad of reasons.

I would find it fascinating to see a New York – Boston deal to energize, even further, both fan bases.