Josh Beckett Auditions for all Takers


One could say that last night’s outburst by the usually sullen Josh Beckett, was nothing more than an act for the contending teams looking to add a pitcher.   You might say that last night was Beckett’s best performance of the year.  Beckett is a 10/5 guy, which means he has been in the majors for 10 years and with the same team for 5.  That gives Beckett veto power over any trade.  Beckett said last week that he hasn’t been approached by the Sox about waiving his no trade and he liked playing on this team.  You know the old saying on this one, “if you believe that one I have a bridge I would like to sell you.” 

Beckett may truly like his teammates, but it is no secret he hates Bobby Valentine, the ownership and probably the Boston fans.  Sure, Beckett didn’t want to leave when teams like Baltimore and Toronto showed interest.  Now that the Rangers, Dodgers and Cardinals are interested it is a little more inviting for the polarizing pitcher.  Who wouldn’t want to play for Texas?  They have great team chemistry and a Manager that has a similar style of Terry Francona.  Nolan Ryan has made this team into a team of winners.  You don’t think Beckett would jump at the opportunity to be in their starting rotation?  His locker would be cleaned out so fast he wouldn’t even have time to tell Valentine F—K off, AKA the Kevin Youkilis way.

Just another phony performance by this former Ace.  Please, does he really think we believe that he was that upset about whether Will Middlebrooks was hit by the pitch or swung?  This from a man that just sits with his little clique during games and never shows emotion.  So now he shows emotion for his team.  A team that if they win this game would still be in last place and back to the .500 level. 

This was an act, pure and simple.  He was out to impress his potential new bosses.  Just watch, if a trade to one of these teams falls thru, Beckett will go back to being the same arrogant overblown pitcher in baseball.  Who could care less if his team wins or loses.

Maybe Beckett can be nominated for an ESPY for his little tantrum.  A player i once admired now nauseates me with his every move.

On  side note , i also believe Valentine was acting to.