The Red Sox Could Stay This Hot


In case you haven’t been watching, the Red Sox have been hot of late. They swept a three game series with the Twins and are halfway home to sweeping a four game set with the White Sox. They started the season at 4-10 after a tough schedule to start the year: Detroit, Toronto, Tampa Bay, and New York– but after a five game winning streak they are just a game under .500 at 9-10 and don’t seem to be slowing down. Speaking of that tough schedule to start the year– the next couple of weeks represent a nice, easy schedule for the Sox. Over the next five series– they will be facing the Athletics, Orioles, Royals, Indians, and Mariners.

While the Red Sox pitching has not started out great with a 5.86 ERA– worst in the league– it will get better, and soon. However, their batting has been the polar opposite– hitting at .295 (second in baseball) with 114 runs scored (best in baseball). Both of these polar opposites will settle down a bit, but the current batting is closer to what should be the final result than the pitching. Once the bullpen gets situated, the Red Sox could rattle off an incredible run in the next few series. To be honest, I’d be pretty upset if the Red Sox did not win each one of the next five series and it’s plausible that they won’t.