Curt Schilling, Dave Roberts Will Not Attend Fenway Party


Two of the most notable plays that stand out from the historic 2004 World Series is the stolen base by Dave Roberts and the iconic ‘bloody sock’ of Curt Schilling.  Both players are forever ingrained into Red Sox mortality because of their heroic efforts during that magical run in ’04 and it’s with sadness that we learn neither player will be able to attend the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park this Friday.

The outspoken Schilling sent a heart felt note to the Boston Globe and other media outlets stating that his business ’38 Studios’ is occupying his time and committing to the Fenway party is impossible.  Schilling thanks Red Sox Nation and recalls the moments during the ’04 season in which he admits its the fans that made it special.

Lately Schilling has been causing a stir with his candid opinion, lashing out at Sox manager Bobby Valentine.  But this celebration is a reflection on what has happened in the past 100 years and Schilling’s role in ’04 is a memorable one.  It’s unfortunate that he won’t be there to relish in the glory one last time.

The same can be said for Dave Roberts.  After all, without his stolen base, the ’04 World Series trophy would likely be sitting in the Bronx.  Roberts, who is a coach for the San Diego Padres, is disappointed he can’t attend the festivities, but like a true professional he remains loyal and committed to his team. Nick Cafardo of the Globe suggest that Roberts stolen base could be the greatest moment in Red Sox history.  Do you agree?

Two Red Sox icons, Shcilling and Roberts, whose infamous plays will no doubt be replayed and re-told many times this weekend with the Yankees in town.  It’s just too bad they won’t be there to tell it how it exactly happened.

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