A little encouragement for Red Sox Nation


It is finally here Red Sox family. It is finally April and I am more excited about this season than I have ever been about any season in my whole life. Thursday’s game was a tough one. Not because we lost, but because I very suddenly missed Tek. I hadn’t really considered how it would feel to really start a season without him. That being said, I love Salty. And while everyone is concerned about the bull pen and Valentine’s display of it, I thought Lester pitched an outstanding six innings. We should be so proud of him.

To add to that I think it showed how well Salty learned from Tek, and how Lester and Salty are learning to trust each other. That Salty is on the way to becoming as irreplaceable as Tek. Everyone seems a little disenchanted right now so I thought I would give you some reasons to be excited about this season  .

First, Jon Lester pitched six amazing innings on Thursday. In fact went pitch for pitch pretty much against Justin Verlander who last year took not just the Cy Young but the MVP. Lester matching his pitching for six innings is something to be proud of. He is growing. He is more consistent. His cutter is almost as frightening and intimidating as the way he peers over his glove sometimes. Need I remind you 63 0f his 107 pitches were strikes. Get excited. Lester is looking confident and in control, which, brings me to my next guy; Salty

Salty is stepping into big shoes. He is no doubt working hard to earn and keep his pitchers trust and I felt pretty comfortable after Lester’s stellar game that Tek made a pretty big impact on Salty. In 2007 as a minor leaguer he made the trip to Fort Myers for a spring training game. He sent a Red Sox No. 33 jersey over to the Red Sox clubhouse to have the captain sign for him. Tek signed the jersey with “catch with pride.”

Salty said “You take that and that’s what he’s done his whole career and I’m going to do the same.” Things are moving along. Salty had 119 strikeouts in 386 plate appearances last year, that is one in every 3.24. I say that also mentioning how many times Aceves shook Salty off (I know, he is known for this behavior) and Salty walking out there trying to get on the same page. He is trying to be a great leader. I am so proud of him.

Ryan Sweeney came through in a way that stopped me from running my mouth at home and reminded me why I am not a coach. Valentine knows what he is doing. He knows how to make a batting order and Sweeney proved he deserves that spot. A ninth inning triple brought to him by Tigers closer Jose Valverde, who went 49-for-49 in save opportunities last season. That right Red Sox fans, Valverde underestimated Sweeney too. And Sweeney ruined his record that dated back to September 2, 2010. That is awesome. That should make us feel confident.

If you feel like our guys weren’t hitting, they weren’t. Verlander had our number, and he is an epic pitcher. Let me also remind you that Boston won five of six match ups against Detroit last year. Also, a lefty pitcher has not won an opening day for the Red Sox since Gary Peters in 1970. This is our fourth season opening against a division winner, three of those seasons opening against the American League champions. (The Red Sox nor Red Sox fans are never used to the easy road) There is no need to panic yet. Valentine came out when he needed to, and objected when he needed to. I am proud of this team. Proud of them fighting back in the midst of a three game losing streak. This is BOSTON! (Say it in your best King Leonidus voice. Try it, you will feel better)

I hope this leaves you feeling a little bit more encouraged about this Tigers series. Happy Easter Red Sox family.

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