Monday night PBS special “Inside Fenway Park: An Icon At 100” Watch it, be proud.


Call me partial but, I think when National Geographic does a one hour long special narrated by Matt Damon, about Fenway Park, it’s worthy of a little mention. ( And a little peek.)

100 years at Fenway : An icon at 100

In honor of the historic one hundred year anniversary of Fenway, National Geographic is paying tribute in a one hour long documentary called “Inside Fenway Park: An icon at 100,” scheduled to air Monday night on PBS @ 10pm ET. (Check YOUR listings) Call it a celebration of a century long love affair.

Inside Fenway starts with the very first game on opening day, April 20, 1912, where the Red Sox played the New York Highlanders, who were renamed the Yankees the following year. The film is using current Red Sox- Yankee game footage showing the history of the ballpark and gives you an inside look at the production it takes to put on a Red Sox game.

You go inside the locker room and see our guys gearing up. You go inside the underground batting cages away from the judgmental eyes of the world. And inside the elusive manual scoreboard that is the Green Monster. Hang out with the superintendent as he lovingly takes care of a century old mecca. Meet the groundskeepers who perfect the field and make us all wish we were there to see the real green. You get to meet a hot dog vendor, who I know, if it were me, I would never sell ANY hot dogs I would be too busy watching the game and get fired. You meet a batboy who we might all think he has one of the best jobs in the whole world, but are we right? And we meet a man who has been part of Fenway for 32 years whose job is to rub every one of the 160 or so balls used in the game with mud from a secret location. Who doesn’t love secrets?! What an honor it will be to meet some of the people who make this place legendary.

I do not want to spoil any more for you for example, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s last presidential campaign speech. I watched the preview and choked up myself. I feel so honored and proud to be part of something so amazing, it is nice to be acknowledged as a Red Sox fan instead of hated on. I hope you all watch and beam with pride.

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