Dear Luke Scott, (who are you anyway?) Red Sox fans ALL over America were grieving the a..."/> Dear Luke Scott, (who are you anyway?) Red Sox fans ALL over America were grieving the a..."/>

Luke Scott, village idiot.


Dear Luke Scott, (who are you anyway?) Red Sox fans ALL over America were grieving the announcement of our captain Tek retiring, and you decided it was a good time to call Red Sox fans “ruthless and vulgar”?

I am a little late on this, as I was trying desperately to write something paying Tek my tribute. But you, you also deserve my attention too. I can see why you would feel arrogant enough to bash another team’s fans. And looking at your batting average, well, I say forecast, not so good. Designated hitter with a shoulder injury, I am excited about what you will be doing this year.

I know you are a desperate for attention; you let the world know it not so long ago by taking some swings at Obama, embarrassing your team and frankly, yourself. Are you that desperate to win over some Rays fans?

Lucky you, Florida finally called and wanted their idiot back. Foaming at the mouth about Red Sox fans was a terrible decision for you.

Let me remind you something about Red Sox fans. We have sold out EVERY SINGLE GAME at Fenway since May 15, 2003, a world record. In 2010, Forbes magazine rated Red Sox Nation as the best fans in American sports, citing points such as road attendance and overall devotion to the team. Boston is probably full of ruthless and vulgar nay, lawless people. Let’s take a look at the F.B.I.’s preliminary report of crime Baltimore vs. Boston Jan-June of 2011 to compare quality of people shall we? I am using Baltimore since that’s where you have enjoyed your last four years. The recorded populations were nearly identical with Boston weighing in at 617,594 and Baltimore at 620,961.

Baltimore is the red lines, Boston the blue.

Anyone else notice anything suspicious? Mainly that Baltimore beats Boston in every single category? Ruthless? Take a look at the violent crime. Red Sox fans clearly “cause trouble”.

I will tell you Mr. Scott what Boston fans were led by as far as I am concerned the best team captain in baseball history. When A-Rod went after his pitcher he got a mitt. We are a family. You do not mess with family. We have learned from the best.

Need I remind you of a warm night in 2007 when a teenager with Autism got the giggles midway through the National Anthem and 40,000 Red Sox fans came to his rescue in one of the most moving renditions I believe MLB has ever heard. Because, we are a family.

You bragged about rolling down windows and laughing at Boston’s fans being upset about last year. I imagine this was fun for you because you probably have never had a devoted following. In fact, really all it sounds like is jealousy as I am sure no one was upset about you going to the Rays.

In closing, my wish for you is that you have a really great experience the next time you are at Fenway, and that you appreciate and remember it’s 100 year celebration this year. I am sure no one in Boston will forget you.