Yesterday was a big day for David Ortiz, whom,  is right large in his own right; so equating him with Goliath is apropos The term most used for his running the bases is lumbering. If he steals a base it is deemed a Massachusetts State holiday. So yesterday, his professonal size caught up with the physical size.  All of us anxiously awaited for David to make what was thought to be a slam dunk. He was offered arbitration which, for a 36 year old DH, with no other team expressing interest, was a win win situation. The brows began to  furrow when he didn’t jump at the chance. Arbitration would get  him a one year contract with at least !$12,500,000.00 with the possibility, using an arcane system created by Klingons, of gettiing up t $15,000,000.00. With the lower salary number, David will have made in excess of $63,000,000.00  over the period of his expiring contract.

As I, and others, have stated in previous posts, athletes have big egos and sometimes it’s difficult for them to admit it’s time to strike your tent and go home. Because of his age, because of his sometimes sporadic hitting, because no other team was showing an interest in him, it was very optimistic for David to expect a contract for longer than a year. The arbitration offer was such a good fit, to refuse it would show hubris to the extreme. I realize much of this drama is caused by agents, seeking the last possible cent out of management, but after a while, it is what it is. Cherington had offered a two year contract but at $9,000,000.00 a year. This would keep Ortiz in Beantown for two years and take luxury tax pressure of the Sox. That is a big deal this year. Rich people don’ t  like to pay taxes.

The was to expire at midnight last night and earlier rumors that Ortiz had accepted the arbitration proved false.  Then it became a scene out of High Noon, watching the clock and finally, last night about two hours before the drop dead limit, he accepted. He and Cherington can still discuss the 2 year $9,000,000.00 per year  contract. That is real gamble on the part of the Sox. I know David had a contract year last year and the lesser annual amount helps with the luxury tax, but betting on no injury related issues for the second year, I think, is a bad call; but then again, I am not paying the luxury tax either.

Another reason for David’s elevation to Goliath status is his being awarded, for the sixth time, the Edgar Martinez Designated Hitter Award, being deemed the best DH in baseball. I don’t know what the pawn shop value of the award is, but it is nice to have.

Let’s face it. We love David Ortiz and we want nothing but the best for him; he has given us a lot to appreciate. At the same time emotions must be curbed by reality and  trying to keep things under control without hurt feelings can be difficult.  The Sox and Ortiz have  balanced reality and emotion, removing one very large item on the agenda, and Ortiz can continue to lumber around the bases, evoking visions of terror for the infielders that he might try to break up a double play.   Now Master Cherington, under the close scrutiny of Master Lucchino, can press forward and attack the next dragon. It’s nice to talk about successes, but life goes on.

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