Erik Bedard Makes His Sox Debut Tonight. Less will be More.


All of us are hoping that we see glimmers of the Erik Bedard of 2007 tonight.  Since this will be his second start since coming off the DL, we will likely see only 4-5 innings.  There is reason to be excited none the less.  Once considered one of the top left handers in all of baseball, Bedard has struggled with injuries since being shipped off to Seattle.  But, he has new reason to succeed, Bedard has never played for a winner.  As we all know winning is contagious, the pure adrenaline of walking to the mound to a jam packed Fenway park will probably get him thru the first two innings.

With the Clay Buccholz situation, the Sox are relying on Bedard filling that void.  That is a tall order for anyone to fill.  Last year Buccholz was in contention for the Cy Young, while Bedard sat on the DL.  Just like we have seen from a healthy Josh Beckett and Jacoby Ellsbury this year, there is no reason to believe that Bedard can’t bounce back to the pitcher he once was in Baltimore.   If he can bounce back, then this pitching staff will be geared up for the post season. I won’t even mention would might be if he doesn’t.

I for one wish I was sitting in the friendly confines of Fenway tonight cheering Bedard on with every pitch.  With Justin Masterson taking the mound tonight for Cleveland, we will need 4-5 strong innings from our new pitcher.  We need to ensure that we start our three game series with the Yankees with at least our one game advantage.

See Erik, no pressure coming to Boston.  We believe.

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