Poor Jorgie Porgie, The Yankees Give Him No respect

By Editorial Staff

For the second straight night, Jorge Posada won’t be in the starting lineup.  As you all know by now, Posada told Girardi that he wasn’t able to play in last nights 6-0 loss to their heated rival.  When the news leaked out, the rumors went wild.  They went from Posado being upset about being dropped to ninth in the order, to Yankee GM Brian Cashman hinting that Posada was being insubordinate.  Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

Yankee Manager, Joe Girardi, said that he has been contemplating a change in the lineup that included the struggling ex-catcher to bat last.  Posada said he felt “a little disrespected” by the Yankee organization.  First he lost his catchers job in spring training, then went to being full time DH, and now this.  Posada also took the opportunity to take a jab at Brian Cashman.  During a third inning press conference, Cashman told the media that Posada told Girardi that he couldn’t play and then added that he wasn’t injured.  This set off a wild fire of rumors;  From Posada being insubordinate, Ala Manny Rameriz, to the Yankees could void his contract, to Posada might retire.   Posada had this to say about Cashman’s comments, “I didn’t know he even made a statement. I don’t know why he made a statement. I don’t understand that”.  Posada continued, “Maybe that’s the way he works now. I think he should’ve waited until the game was over until he did that.”

All this is about another prima donna athlete thinking he is bigger than the game.   Why did he lose his catchers job in the spring?  Because he stinks as a catcher, he can’t throw anyone out anymore.  Last year Posada’s stolen base percentage against was a horrendous 15%, he only gunned down 13 of 72 base stealer’s.  In his first season as DH, Posada is batting a disgraceful .165 avg.  He does, however, have 6 home runs out of his 18 total hits. Benefiting from the Yankees having played more home games then any other team, plus the new Yankee Stadium was designed to have a wind tunnel that carries balls out, when hit to right field.  Where does he expect to bat in the lineup?  Cleanup?

He supposedly loves being a Yankee, yet he is unwilling to do whatever is needed for his team to win.  Here’s a hint Jorge, “it’s over.”   You’re 39 years old and you are a deficiency to the team.  Instead of whining about being disrespected, go out there and do what you’re asked to do.  Just another example of  a Yankee who thinks he should get more than he deserves because of a few World Series rings.

Posada is member of the “Core Four” of the Yankees.  He started his career in 1995 along side the names of, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. Pettitte left the Yankees high and dry this off season by retiring after playing the “I don’t know if I’m coming back or not” annual routine.  Jeter appears to getting back on track after a slow start and Mariano Rivera is a non factor if the Yankees don’t have the lead come the ninth inning.

The one truly hilarious moment about yesterday’s news was towards the end of the game, when Joe Buck told us to stay tuned to hear Nomar Garciaparra‘s opinion about the situation.  Nomar’s opinion?  The same Nomar who quit on his team in 2007?  What light could Nomar possibly shed, except how when you quit, the team you quit for finds a way to run you out of town as fast as humanly possible?

In case you’re keeping score,  the games are still being played during all of this drama.  The result:

Adrian Gonzalez – 2

The Yankees – Nothing

You want respect Jorgie Porgie?  Then go out and earn it like everyone else in the world needs to do.

Hey Jorge, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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