Manny Ramirez: Stupid is as Stupid Does

By Editorial Staff

The whole Manny Ramirez thing pisses me off.  Sorry for the language , but there is no way to sugar coat this.  Just when you think the steroid era is going away , up pops Manny to remind us all over again.  Were you jealous of the publicity the Barry Bonds trial was getting, Manny?

The question is why?  Did he honestly think he could get away with it?  What, they don’t take drug screens in spring training.  You failed once already, doesn’t that make you a candidate to be tested even more?  You’re either really stupid or really arrogant.  Kowning what I know now, your’re really both.

What a shame, Manny being Manny isn’t about being goofy anymore, now its all about cheating.  Why can’t these aging athletes just accept the fact that their time has past.  The new era of training makes these younger guys superior athletes.  I think the days of players in their late 30’s, early 40’s is gone.  Accept it and go out with class.

Everyone was down on Brett Favre last year, but at least he took it like a man.  He thought he had one more good year left in him and instead of cheating, he let the beatings he took week after week last year convince him it was over.  Not so with Manny, he felt he had one good last cheat left in him.

I feel bad in so many ways, too many to bore you with.  Let me share the two most poignant points.

I feel bad for Tampa Bay, a team that already lost the best left fielder and closer in the game.  A team of young kids that was an inspiration to all of us the past few years, made us all believe that money doesn’t buy winners, hard work does.  First they lose Evan Longoria to injury and now they lose Manny.  How many seats will be empty now?  A sad situation for a classy team and a great Manager. 

Secondly, and I hate to admit it, this does taint the Red Sox World Championships.  That my friends is what really pisses me off.  Maybe it doesn’t effect the 2007 team as much as the 2004 team.  2007 was more about Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis and the beginning of Jacoby Ellsbury years. 

2004 was all about Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz.  The most lethal back to back hitters since Gehrig and Ruth.  There was a time when there was a sea of #24 jserseys at Fenway, not anymore.  Manny being Manny used to make people smile and laugh, what a shame.

So enjoy Spain with your old man, Manny.  There will be no more batting titles, now more World Championships and definitely no invitation to Cooperstown for you.

I avoided writing about this for a couple days, I didn’t think it was worth my time.  But, the more I read and hear about it the angrier I get.

Let’s get the Roger Clemens trial over with and get on with it for crying out loud.  Isn’t there some deserted island that we can ship all of these has beens to?  You’re like gnats swarming over our heads, pass me the bug spray please.

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