White Sox broadcast roasts Chicago after Red Sox pummeled them into the dirt

Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox
Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Boston Red Sox beat the Chicago White Sox, 14-2, on the evening of June 6. It was far from Chicago's first crushing defeat.

The White Sox have only won 15 games this season and they're on pace for one of the worst seasons in MLB history. Boston's beatdown of Chicago marked its 14th-consecutive loss — a franchise record.

The stands at Guaranteed Rate Field were nearly empty the franchise is in an exceptionally low place. Even the postgame show hosts know it. As NBC Sports Chicago host Chuck Garfien transitioned to a commercial break, he hesitated to stop a dangerous Freudian slip.

"The losing postgame shows are always the most entertaining," he said. "We guarantee you this will be more entertaining than the sh... game you just watched."

NBC Sports Chicago broadcaster clarifies slip-up after White Sox's record-breaking loss to Red Sox

After the show, Garfien took to Twitter to clarify his intent behind the statement. He said he was trying to say "show" and "game" at the same time, which resulted in the close call. Garfien still made sure to point out that the game "stunk" for Chicago.

White Sox fans in the comments took his reasoning well, and even said they would have supported him, no matter the intent. Garfien and the NBC Sports Chicago crew received high praise from the fans, who said the postgame show is the best part about watching the White Sox this year.

The Red Sox have a rough stretch approaching in their schedule. After their three remaining games with the ChiSox, they'll face the Phillies and Yankees, the two best teams in their respective leagues. Boston has hovered around .500 for much of the season and it's struggled mightily against good teams.

A four-game series against the White Sox could be the perfect way for the Red Sox to establish a winning streak, break away from .500 and go into their tough series on a high note. A 14-run night is a great start to a potential upswing for Boston.

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