What former Red Sox players are still alive in the 2023 playoffs?

Even though Fenway is going to be quiet throughout October, Red Sox DNA runs far and wide still through this year's playoffs bracket.
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
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ALDS: Houston Astros vs. Minnesota Twins

Ah yes, the Christian Vazquez series (no other former Astros player comes to mind that plays for the Twins now, none at all). Congratulations are in order for the Twins for snapping their playoff losing streak and winning their first playoff series in 21 years by knocking off the Toronto Blue Jays (who are absolute frauds). I do think the Twins may get overmatched by an Astros team that has been there, done that many times over recently, but I will be pulling for Minnesota personally, mainly as a continued thanks for giving us David Ortiz.

When it comes to the current Houston Astros, there are no former Red Sox major leaguers that are on their active roster. However, if you allow for a bit of a stretch, there are a few Red Sox draft picks that find themselves in Houston. The Red Sox drafted Alex Bregman during the 2012 draft, but he did not sign with us, eventually being drafted again by the Astros in the 2015 draft, and Mauricio Dubon was drafted by the Red Sox in 2013, eventually finding himself as a part of a trade to get Tyler Thornburg from the Brewers. Ryan Pressly was also a Red Sox draft pick, who we traded to... the Minnesota Twins, so once again there's a nice double crossover like the case of Vazquez.

Speaking of Vazquez, Christian is the only Minnesota Twin that has a Red Sox tie in their career path. Of course, Vazquez is the man who caught the final out of the 2018 World Series for the Red Sox, and walked off game 3 against the Rays in 2021 during that miraculous run, so I think I can speak for many Red Sox fans when I say that we hold him in high regard around these parts, and I know that I'll be rooting for him (and more importantly, against the Astros) in this series.