What former Red Sox players are still alive in the 2023 playoffs?

Even though Fenway is going to be quiet throughout October, Red Sox DNA runs far and wide still through this year's playoffs bracket.
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
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Newsflash: the Boston Red Sox had a bad season. A never-ending sense of frustration among the fans, be it either at the front office or the players, was fully justified as this team that was battling for a Wild Card spot ended the season at 78-84, in last place of the AL East, and without a key decision maker after firing Chaim Bloom. The second half of the season couldn't have gone any worse for the Red Sox, and so I don't blame any disillusioned fans who would rather skip out on watching playoff baseball and just move on to the other Boston sports teams (maybe don't attach hopes to the Patriots this year, though).

However, just because the current Boston Red Sox aren't playing any October baseball, that doesn't mean there aren't players that we can't root for. With the never-ending player movement around the majors, it may be easy to miss out on who went where, and who will be suiting up in the upcoming divisional series around baseball (spoiler alert: the Dodgers have a lot). This is going based off of the active 28-man rosters as posted on the team pages on Baseball Reference, so they may not line up perfect with the final rosters, but it gives us a good idea as to what we're working with.