Triston Casas’ hilarious mic’d up moment will have Red Sox fans loving him even more

Boston's first baseman had an unexpectedly hilarious response to a question asked during a recent game.

Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins
Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Spring Training is well underway and it is already providing fans Boston Red Sox fans with some fun moments. First baseman Triston Casas has been the source of some of that entertainment, as Red Sox fans have come to expect.

During a recent game against the Atlanta Braves, Casas was mic'd up during the broadcast. He shared some knowledge that fans likely were not expecting him to divulge — it just added to the personality of Boston's first baseman.

He was asked by Eduardo Perez what a typical pre-game breakfast looks like and Casas broke down the entire menu which includes avocado toast, an omelet (with mushrooms and peppers,) and two strips of bacon. Casas then likes to have a pre-game protein shake to get prepared for on-field action.

Boston's first baseman stated he feels light on the field after such a breakfast. That answer seemed to confuse the commentators, leading Karl Ravech to ask, "What part of that makes you feel light before the game?"

Red Sox Triston Casas' personality shines in mic'd up interview during a spring training game

Casas didn't miss a single beat and provided an absolutely hilarious answer.

"The trip to the bathroom right before the game. So, that will make me feel light," he said.

He delivered his answer in such a deadpan way, as if he didn't just announce personal information on live TV. Both announcers immediately let out a burst of laughter. No one was expecting that answer, despite the importance of gut health.

Casas had already won over Boston fans with his talent but this adds another reason for fans to enjoy having him on the team. It's always great to be able to see the personality behind your favorite players, and many fans are expecting him to emerge as a star of the upcoming Netflix docuseries following the Red Sox's 2024 season.

Players being mic'd up on the field will always be an absolute treat and Casas just made himself a more appealing candidate for future opportunities with this short but hilarious exchange.

Red Sox Nation is hoping for another high-quality season from Casas after a 2023 campaign in which he batted .263/.367/.490 with 24 home runs and 65 RBI. He's gotten off to a bit of a slow start this spring, but with two weeks left to go before the regular season, he will have plenty of time to get things up to speed.

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