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Greatest single pitching performance in team history

Curt Schilling displays the circle of baseball life as Boston originally drafted him in the second round of the 1986 draft. Schilling was traded to Baltimore and then moved around the MLB landscape before being traded back to Boston. The 37-year-old had raised the ire of many in RSN who hated to part with promising lefty Casey Fossum. How did that work out?

A TV commercial became a prophecy as Schilling is seen hitchhiking to Boston to win a title. That segues into one of the more dramatic moments in baseball history as Schilling's damaged ankle is sutured up, and the rest is history. It is stopping the Yankees and then the Cardinals to end the curse.

For Shilling, that possibly derailed a pile of potential wins as Schilling went just 8-8 the following season. Schilling still stuck around and was part of the 2007 championship team doing what Schilling did best - winning big games and going 3-0 in the playoffs.

I remember watching on TV as Manny made fun of Schilling in his notebook. Schilling kept his record of every pitch to every batter. It was as detailed as today's most advanced metrics.

Schilling had a remarkable 11-2 record in the playoffs and was on three championship teams. This is a HOF pitcher and as good as it gets when you need a big win.

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