One fan's Magnificent Seven in Red Sox history

The best ballplayers I've ever seen play in a Red Sox uniform
Los Angeles Angels v Boston Red Sox
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Under the HOF mango tree

The ultimate identifier of an athlete is just using one name, and everyone knows who you are talking about. There is only one Pedro, and that is Pedro Martinez.

I still remember the howls when the Red Sox traded Carl Parvano and later Tony Armas to the Expos for Martinez. You take your shot when a talent like Martinez is available since it can be a franchise-changing event. This one certainly was.

When Martinez started, Fenway Park was electric before and during the game. You can't describe it since you had to experience it. As for Martinez, I have seen all the great pitchers of the last 60 years in action - Nolan Ryan, Greg Maddux, Sandy Koufax, and Bob Gibson and for five seasons, Martinez was the best I ever saw.

Pedro remains a quote machine and has an effervescent personality. My favorite was referring to the Yankees as his daddy after getting smoked for five runs. Could Pedro rest under the famous mango tree? Of course, the rest may happen after he nails Babe Ruth.

The Red Sox chose not to resign Martinez, and it was the smart move. The years had left a testy arm and eventually ended his Hall of Fame career, but damn, could he pitch!