One fan's Magnificent Seven in Red Sox history

The best ballplayers I've ever seen play in a Red Sox uniform
Los Angeles Angels v Boston Red Sox
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Manny being Manny

Where do you start when you discuss Manny Ramirez? The best starting point is the beginning and the expensive gift of the old team owners to the new regime led by John Henry. Ramirez had an eight-year deal at $160 million, and the Red Sox attempted to dump Ramirez to anyone willing to pick up the contract. Thankfully there were no takers.

Manny's Boston career had a batting title, a home run title, a locker full of Silver Sluggers, and several All-Star nods. There were no Gold Gloves for an apparent reason, and that brings up one of the many highlights of Manny being Manny. Catch, a high five, and a toss for a DP.

I remember sitting in left field as Manny goes out to take position waving a small American flag. Manny had just become an American citizen and proudly marched to left field as the fans cheered Manny on.

With Ortiz hitting from the left side and Manny from the right, this was a formidable combination of a one-two punch that Joe Louis would admire.

Manny left Boston on a trade to the Dodgers, and the inevitable slide began, including suspensions for PEDs. Manny's eight years in Boston produced a .312 batting average and 274 home runs but no Gold Glove awards.