The 5 most disappointing Boston Red Sox in the first half of the season

My entire feelings around the Red Sox currently can be summed up in the Logan Roy quote, "I love you, but you are not serious people."
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Most disappointing Red Sox in the first half -- No. 5: Rafael Devers

Look, no matter what, the Red Sox have made the right move in locking down Rafael Devers long-term. Having Devers locked up through his prime and beyond, making him the de facto leader in the clubhouse is a move that I think will pay off well for the Red Sox. Had the Red Sox gone through the offseason that they did, losing the players that they had, not locking up Devers long-term would have further alienated the fanbase that seemed to be at their ultimate breaking point in the Chaim Bloom experience. However, I think we all expected more from Devers this year.

One of the biggest things is that Devers is striking out a lot this year, and his on-base percentage has dipped a decent amount from last year. His batting average is way down from last year as well, and while his power numbers are still there, I haven't felt that same sort of confidence with Devers at the plate as I have in years past. Devers is still a really good player, and he's always going to be the heart and soul of the Red Sox as long as he wears our uniform.

The main source of Devers being a disappointment is that I think we all expected Devers to assert himself as a top-tier guy in the league, and to continue his hold on the AL's starting third base spot in the All-Star Game, but he just hasn't quite been that guy this year. In a first half of showing flashes of potential for a big year but ultimately falling short, Devers' season so far serves a perfect microcosm of what the Red Sox have put us through in the first half. Let us hope for an improvement in the second half of the season.

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