Sam Kennedy gives Red Sox fans reason for excitement, followed by frustration

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Boston Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy is still serving as the primary voice for the front office. In his latest appearance on the "Fenway Rundown" podcast, he offered some insight into the team's 2024 plans, and more excuses for the front office.

Chris Cotillo and Sean McAdam inquired about any potential contract extensions in the works for Sox players on short-term deals or under club control. Kennedy had a lot to say about Craig Breslow's discussions.

"It would be great to get multiple deals across the line, there's a lot of conversations going on," Kennedy said. ". . . Once you know that you have someone who's capable of success in Boston, I think it's important that you ferociously go after them to try and keep them here."

Kennedy didn't specify which players Breslow has been speaking with. It should be noted that he could not answer if any conversations are expected to continue past Opening Day — many players do not like to have negotiations during the regular season. However, Kennedy did say that he's hopeful some deals may be completed shortly after the season begins.

The CEO stressed the importance of extending players who've had success in Boston, and he went on to say "this market is not for everybody."

Triston Casas has confirmed that his agents have been in extension talks with the front office since the time of Brayan Bello's extension, and when it comes to Red Sox who have success in Boston's market, Casas' name stands out above the rest. Cotillo later tweeted that the front office and Casas' team are not close in their negotiations.

Besides some promising comments about contract extensions, Kennedy offered some disappointing statements about ownership.

Cotillo and McAdam asked if having John Henry speak publicly about the Red Sox would allow fans to see that he cares about the ball club. Kennedy's response was, in typical fashion, vague.

Sam Kennedy offers insight on Red Sox contract extensions, continues to make excuses for ownership

"I understand the desire of the media to have those conversations," he said. "John has been available in the past to talk to the media, he's also been available to the media in different formats other than media scrums or press conferences."

Henry hasn't spoken to media in person since winter weekend 2022 after the unforeseen success of the 2021 Red Sox team. Since then, he's answered questions via email once. But he actively avoided Red Sox reporters at Breslow's introductory press conference, to which he arrived late, and at spring training.

"What Red Sox fans should judge us on is those, sort of, goals that I laid out from the very beginning," Kennedy said. "Winning championships, giving the best possible customer experience at the best ballpark, literally in the world, and being active in the community, and objectively gauge how John Henry and Tom Werner have done in those three areas."

If Sox fans are meant to judge Herny and Werner on their capability to bring championships to Boston, they're getting no points from fans this year. Part of the "customer experience" that Red Sox fans want at Fenway Park is a competitive team, and they're not getting that this year either. Henry's activity in the community goes back to his avoidance of Boston media — he won't give his club's fans the time of day, and he's being adequately judged for it.

Kennedy has again been thrown under the bus to speak for an ownership group that doesn't care about the way it's treating its fans, which are among the most loyal in baseball. At least he had some potential good news to share on the contract extension front, but, as it's been all offseason, that's about it.

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