Red Sox Rumors: Jordan Montgomery, Alex Verdugo trade, Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Texas Rangers starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery
Texas Rangers starting pitcher Jordan Montgomery / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Red Sox Rumors: Where are the Red Sox on an Alex Verdugo trade?

The prospect of the Red Sox losing Alex Verdugo in a trade is not a new one; publicly, Verdugo has had nothing but positive things to say about his time in Boston, but at the same time has been cool on the idea of staying and has reportedly had some personality clashes, to put it delicately, with the team behind the scenes. Various potential trades have been tossed around — Verdugo for Gleyber Torres being perhaps the most scintillating one simply on the basis of a deal between historic rivals — but where do the Red Sox stand on Verdugo now that nearly a month has elapsed since the last game of the World Series?

Reports throughout the month have indicated that there's a lot of interest in Verdugo, with Craig Breslow and Boston's front office fielding calls from what seems at this point like about half the league. He's been connected — perhaps speciously, but connected nonetheless — to the Yankees, the Braves, the Mariners; a potential Verdugo/Kevin Kiermaier swap with the Blue Jays is the newest piece of speculation to circulate.

All signs point to Verdugo not playing in a Red Sox uniform next year, and while it seems like Boston is being open about shopping him while waiting for just the right deal, they haven't been able to get anything done yet in terms of an actual move. With Winter Meetings coming up, Verdugo should be a name to keep an eye on at the very least. Given the clear interest in him from outside of Boston and the Red Sox's reticence to give him up easily, there could be a lot of potential for an interesting trade here.