Remembering John Henry checking his watch at 2023 Red Sox Winter Weekend

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The Boston Red Sox roster is in a similar place as it was last year at this time. And fans are getting tired of waiting for improvements to the team.

The Red Sox's fan festival, Winter Weekend, used to involve a town hall-style panel where Red Sox Nation could question ownership about its vision for the current team and for the future. Last year, Red Sox owner John Henry and the rest of management were booed on stage. This year, they should expect more of the same — likely one of the reasons Henry has a "scheduling conflict" this go-round.

Last season's Winter Weekend festivities created a moment that Henry's detractors will remember as long as he owns the Red Sox.

Jared Carrabis, one of Red Sox Nation's most public voices, asked Henry during the town hall if the Red Sox were still among his top priorities. Henry's response, or lack thereof, was preceded by a hilarious chain of events.

A chuckle. A shrug. A check of the watch.

The old adage "actions speak louder than words," comes to mind.

Without saying anything, his response was heard loud and clear. Henry didn't even attempt an answer to the question before Sam Kennedy swooped in to save the bumbling owner.

Henry checked his watch to figure out how much longer he had to sit and suffer the consequences of his own actions, something he rarely has to do because Red Sox fans are so faithful. Tickets will sell at Fenway Park no matter what team he sends out, and he knows it.

Henry's shrug is just as telling as his check of his watch — it's a different story entirely for Henry to pretend that he hasn't heard the criticisms of the way he's been running the organization. Fans have been critical of Henry's administrative choices since he traded Mookie Betts to the Dodgers for a pitiful return. Boston has traded two of the players it received from the Betts trade, including Alex Verdugo and Jeter Downs, who hasn't panned out to be the player anyone expected him to be in the first place.

John Henry's actions at Winter Weekend 2023 told Red Sox fans everything they need to know about the way he runs the team

Henry looked into the waiting crowd for assurance he knew he wasn't going to get. Every one of those people paid to hear him address their concerns about the state of the Red Sox organization, and he brushed them off once again.

Boston fans, some of the most faithful in the country, deserve better than a team owner who, seemingly, can't stand to be around the people who ensure his bills are paid.

In hindsight, it may be better for Henry to skip Winter Weekend this year. Sure, it's damaging to his reputation that he refuses to face the music for the mess he's created at Fenway Park. But at least Red Sox fans won't have to take his arrogance in person this time.

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