Red Sox: Ranking the 10 worst contracts in the American League East right now

The Red Sox have two of the ten worst contracts in the American League East right now
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2) Worst contracts in the AL East: Carlos Rodon

It's only year one of Carlos Rodon's lucrative six-year deal, but it already looks quite bad. He's been hurt for most of the year, and in the rare times he's been able to take the ball, he's been awful. Those things combined with some boos from Yankees fans have made Rodon's debut in New York one to forget.

Rodon's six-year deal worth $162 million came with a ton of risk. Outside of the 2022 season, Rodon had never started 30+ games in a season. He had only one additional year in which he qualified for the ERA title, and that was back in 2016. The talent was never a question, but whether he'd actually pitch certainly was.

So far in his Yankees tenure, Rodon simply hasn't pitched. Forearm and back issues plagued him early on, and he couldn't even debut as a Yankee until right before the all-star break. Rodon just left his most recent start early due to a hamstring strain, and that landed him back on the IL.

In between the injuries, when Rodon did pitch, he had a 7.33 ERA in six starts and 27 innings pitched. He's been booed on numerous occasions by Yankees fans, and even attempted to fight against them in a start in Anaheim by blowing a kiss to the crowd.

He still has five years to turn his contract around, but nothing about his history suggests he'll actually be able to pitch consistently enough to make his $27 million annual salary worthwhile for the Yankees.