Red Sox: Ranking the 10 worst contracts in the American League East right now

The Red Sox have two of the ten worst contracts in the American League East right now
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5) Worst contracts in the AL East: Trevor Story

The Trevor Story contract is a bit hard to judge right now. The Red Sox brought Story to Boston last season to play second base alongside Xander Bogaerts who was the shortstop. Story was nothing more than average offensively as he had a 101 OPS+ in 94 games last season.

Story wound up having elbow surgery in January, knocking him out for all but four games of this season. He has just three hits in his 15 at-bats so far, but Boston clearly has missed him. They've had some of the worst production in the league at the shortstop position, and Story is obviously better than terrible.

It's nice to have him back for now, but the first two years of Story's six-year deal are a complete wash. He was hurt and underperformed last year, now he missed most of this season in a campaign that will likely lead nowhere for Boston.

The 30-year-old has the remaining four years of his deal to prove he was worth anything close to the $140 million Boston guaranteed him. If he continues to be an average hitter who doesn't play much, he'll likely only move higher up this list. If he reverts back to being the Trevor Story the Red Sox expected, maybe he finds his way off the list entirely. It's all in his hands.