Red Sox: Ranking the rumored replacements for Chaim Bloom worst to first

The rumor mill is abuzz with potential candidates for the Red Sox to replace Chaim Bloom with.
Nov 8, 2022; Las Vegas, NV, USA;  Houston Astros general manager James Click answers questions to
Nov 8, 2022; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Houston Astros general manager James Click answers questions to / Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports
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Mike Elias

Elias is a popular name in the rumor mill given what he has turned the Orioles into since taking the job in Baltimore. Elias is smart and is really adept at identifying young players and developing the crap out of them. However, Boston is looking for a quick turnaround to contention which means he would have to be active in free agency which is not something we have seen out of him. Plus, he is in a pretty sweet situation with the Orioles aside from having an owner that seems willing to do anything to save a nickel.

Brandon Gomes

Dodgers GM Brandon Gomes has been a popular choice lately for a number of reasons. He is from Massachusetts which doesn't hurt and his short tenure as LA's general manager under Andrew Friedman has been very successful. He has experience with managing a big payroll, developing young players, and dealing with the media pressures of a big market. It is unclear how well he would do outside of the tutelage of Friedman, but he would be a solid choice nonetheless.

Mike Hazen

It seems like every list of replacement candidates for Boston's top executive job starts with Mike Hazen. He worked in Boston's front office for a decade, is a Massachusetts native, and has largely done a good job with the Diamondbacks although not without some free agent blunders along the way. Hazen would be a fine pick-up, although it is fair to wonder if his familiarity with the organization may make him wary of dealing with intervention from Boston's ownership.

James Click

The top pick among the speculated candidates to replace Chaim Bloom is James Click. Click got a raw deal from Astros owner Jim Crain who, despite Click building a roster in Houston that won a World Series in 2022, was only willing to give Click a one year extension after butting heads with Click that season. Click knows the analytics side of baseball well, has experience running a contending franchise, and seems like he could actually be available. Whether or not he would actually take the job is the only real question.

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