Red Sox Opening Day roster projection 3.0: Bello starts, Rafaela flexes versatility

Washington Nationals v Boston Red Sox
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Red Sox Opening Day Outfield:

  • Jarren Duran (OF)
  • Tyler O'Neill (OF)
  • Wilyer Abreu (OF)
  • Ceddanne Rafaela (INF/OF)
  • Masataka Yoshida (DH/OF)

Right field will be a very interesting position to monitor for the Red Sox this season. Tyler O'Neill and Jarren Duran don't have strong enough arms to be viable, every day right fielders for Boston, and putting Masataka Yoshida there would be a disaster.

Enter Rafaela and Wilyer Abreu. While Rafaela's talents would be better suited to center field, the Red Sox might need to use Rafaela in right sometimes so Abreu — who's struggled mightily at the plate this spring — isn't a stalwart all season.