Red Sox News: Chris Sale still on track to return, roster holes, more

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

With the Red Sox starting workouts tomorrow, it is time to start looking to the short-term issues and decisions that Boston has on their plate this spring. For starters, now that the offseason is (mostly) behind us, we took a look at the remaining holes on the Red Sox roster. I know that this will come as a shock to you all, but the infield features prominently.

More Red Sox News

While there are some questions about the roster, Boston fans did get some good news yesterday as it looks like Chris Sale is on track to face live hitters next week after a couple of bullpen sessions this week. The oft-injured Sale was one of the better starters in the league when he, you know, actually took the mound. For the Red Sox to make a run in the AL East in 2023, they are probably going to need him to return to form and stay healthy.

Finally, JD Martinez changed his profile pic on his Twitter account to reflect his new team and it makes us sad. While JD parting ways with the Red Sox was inevitable given his age and how little interest the team seemingly had in keeping him around, he will still be missed and we reflected upon his time in Boston.

MLB News

Baseball Prospectus released their projections for the 2023 MLB standings and, as per usual, they certainly raised some eyebrows. They sure do love both of the teams in New York. Also, they have Boston finishing fourth in the American League East with around a .500 record.

Our friends over at also put out a piece where they highlighted five bats who could have breakout seasons by looking at some of their advanced metrics. Definitely some interesting names on there and a nice change of pace from the types of these lists where they just find established stars coming off of down years.