Red Sox fans will riot if MLB insider's trade deadline speculation comes to fruition

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

The Boston Red Sox reportedly sought to trade Jarren Duran in the lead-up to the 2024 MLB season. Halfway through the season, the Red Sox and Red Sox Nation are thankful he's still here.

Duran has started every game this season and he's been a beacon of reliability for Boston. The outfielder has reinvented his defense and fine-tuned his offense to become the Red Sox's strongest All-Star candidate. Other clubs are beginning to take notice.

MLB insider and The Athletic reporter Jim Bowden has loosely linked Duran to the San Francisco Giants, who are looking for outfielders at the deadline. His name appeared among a list of other center field targets, including the likes of Luis Robert Jr. and Cedric Mullins.

After his performance this season, a trade involving Duran should be out of the question for Boston. He's shown a proven ability to get on base with consistency, and his speed complements the Sox's newly-athletic lineup too well to sacrifice.

He's been particularly hot in recent games, but Duran has made noise in Boston's outfield all year. He's batting .277/.345/.813 with 19 stolen bases on the season and leads MLB with 10 triples. The Yankees' Anthony Volpe and the Royals' Bobby Witt Jr. have seven triples each, but no other player rivals Duran's prowess for three-baggers. His defense has also been stellar and consistently near the top of the American League.

The Red Sox should avoid trading Jarren Duran this year and for the foreseeable future

Boston's recent hot streak may have turned the team into a playoff contender, and Duran has played a significant part in its success. He's slashing .379/.400/.621 with two homers in his last seven games. The outfielder has never been much of a long-ball hitter — his eight homers from 2023 are his career-high, and he's just one shy this year — but if he finds his home run swing, he could become the most dangerous player in the Red Sox lineup, and it wouldn't be close.

The changes Duran has made to his game can only come with hard work. He's shown the Red Sox he's willing to do what it takes to be the best version of himself, and he's turned into the type of player they could build the team around. Some reporters and fans thought his 2023 success was a fluke, but he's only gotten better, and his improvements happened fast.

Boston sits one game out of a wild card spot on June 22. Duran's skill set would be crucial if the Red Sox can make it to the postseason. But Duran has proven he's worthy of a roster spot as part of the new young core the Red Sox hope to establish for the future.

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